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The team at has PROVEN marketing experience, PROVEN results and over 50 million in revenues generated!

If you’re a large publishing company, or a small one-person entity,  we here at can help with any and all of your marketing goals.

“It’s not about what you know…but WHO  you know”…

And Brad Stafford knows EVERYONE who’s anyone in the trading and investing niche. From targeted blogs to ad agency heads to the biggest email marketers  the trading niche has ever known!

Here’s what we do to get you from here to there – enhancement and achievement of your business goals!


** Marketing Funnel Consultation & Implementation – Many individuals and companies get stuck and overwhelmed with this piece of the puzzle and, often times, this where it all goes wrong. Maybe you have all of the pieces of the puzzle, but you just unsure how to make them all fit together for the big picture? Maybe you’re challenged with what’s the best way to deliver your marketing assets (video, email campaigns, ad buys, sandwich boards or character costumes??) Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll direct you every step of the way and help you decide the most effective marketing funnels and email sequences for your products and promotions. We don’t stop there – we’ll also help you implement those marketing strategies and hook you up with the right technology to make your deliverables rock!

** Lead Generation Consulting – Are you struggling with outdated lead generation practices? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin the lead generation process?  Face it, without lead generation, you’re dead in the water.  We set you up with the most effective lead gen strategies that are working today.  Additionally, we’ll show you to nurture those leads and turn them into buying customers who will keep coming back for more!

** Sales and Lead Page Design Concepts – Do you know if your sales & lead page designs are converting as well as they could or should?  Or, are you like most – you threw up a sales/lead page just hoping for the best?  With just a few small tweaks on your sales or lead pages, you can increase your conversions significantly (10%  -1000%!) can help you with the basics of high-converting sales & lead pages as well as A/B split testing to boost your conversions even higher.  This is one small area where working smarter and not harder can drastically change the revenue potential for your business.

** Copywriting – You may have a way with words, but are you using the right words to craft your copy into a high-converting sales machine?  If not, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. can help you develop your message to your target audience that will nearly force them to reach for their wallets.  Are you ready for that kind of sales explosion?

** Media Buys – Have you always wanted to get involved in media buys, but you’re afraid you’re going to lose your shirt?  It’s easy to waste thousands of dollars on media buys that offer little to no ROI.  That’s why has gone to great lengths,spending over six-figures, determining where best for clients to spend their media buy dollars.  Are you ready to finally cash in on a successful media buy?  If so, get in contact with us.

** Wedding Singer – space is limited, inquire for available dates 😉

When you’re ready to talk to us about your advertising and marketing needs or even about your business growth plans, Brad is your man.  Just contact Farra (my assistant) …TODAY – – and she’ll get you setup for complimentary initial consultation with Brad.

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