Best Marketing Strategies for Q2 2018

April 17, 2018 0 Comments

This last quarter has been very busy for me and I’m sorry I haven’t shared more! Coming back from CapeTown in November and jumping into business just kept me too distracted and busy to clear some head space to share with you. I’ve traveled a LOT, worked with some awesome clients, and have finally been […]

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Here’s what I learned in Jamaica’s high level mastermind event

January 26, 2018 1 Comment

I went to Jamaica, did zero drugs, and STILL had my mind blown!  This month, I had a chance to rub shoulders with some epic ad buyers and marketers across a dozen different industries in Jamaica’s high level mastermind event. So many awesome people with insights and expertise that I basically felt like I was […]

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How to Get and CONVERT More Leads In 2018

January 5, 2018 0 Comments

2017 was an amazing year. Lots of personal and professional successes too vast to list here, and it was littered with tough times as well! I count BOTH a blessing as I grew a lot and I’m praying 2018 gives you the same growth! Now, let’s talk business…because 2018 has the potential to be your […]

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$23 Million Dollar Launch & my friend ‘Avery’ Who Wants to Buy ALL YOUR STUFF!

December 7, 2017 0 Comments

  Last month, the legendary team at Legacy Research just pulled off a multi-record launch… $23 million launch in sales…in weeks! INSANE!! Now, it was an awesome promo from start to finish. Copy, offer, the ‘meganar’ (like a webinar only with 100k people), Fernando and his team behind the scenes…all of it was top notch. […]

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Dealing with Uncertainty

September 15, 2017 0 Comments

As I write this, I’m dealing with uncertainty… It’s life…it’s business…it’s the life. I got a chance to reconnect with my great friends Langa and Khalipa at one of Langa’s two farms. HE is dealing with uncertainty – will there be water? Will he get his green houses up in time? Will the plants do […]

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